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Editecnos is a company with a long professional history in the construction sector. In its commitment to the research and development of new techniques, it has decided to place all its experience at the service of the new mechanical paving and cladding fixation systems. Consequently, it has developed its own anchorage and fixation system, including the manufacture of parts and the machining of tiles with excellent proven results both at a technical level, with its placement process and resistance, and at an economic level, due to the important cost saving, and no less importantly, at an aesthetic level.

Rainscreen cladding is considered today as one of the most efficient and safe systems for placing ceramics on façades. The building can take advantage of a large number of technical advantages thanks to this system, such as energy saving, elimination of condensation, etc.

Editecnos offers end-to-end management of the façade, carrying out both the assembly and the modulation of the façade. The latter is very important in the execution, as the correct optimisation of the ceramics may reduce the final economic cost of the façade.

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