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Raised ceramic paving system for outdoor use


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Tecnos-Tile dry paving system


Editecnos patented paving placement system:


Tecnos-Tile permits a speedy and easy installation of the ceramic pieces based on the placement of a support and an adhesive.

To apply this system, it is necessary to check beforehand that the placement support is perfectly levelled and carry out a second laying out prior to the placement.

After these two steps have been performed, remove the protective film from the circle situated on the back of the tile, letting the tile drop into the desired position. Adjust by tapping the centre of the piece gently so that the adhesive of the circle adheres correctly to the support. If the piece has to be moved once it has been adhered to the floor, this can only be done by rotating the tile on its axis but never in an X, Y movement. The same procedure is followed for all the other pieces. Before letting the ceramic piece drop, it is advisable to press the part that already comes with the joint installed in factory 1 mm against the part of the other piece that does not have the joint, to thus create a certain leak tightness and for the joints not to remain open during placement.

If starting against a wall or when cutting the material to finish, these pieces must be wedged to prevent any movement, fixing the paving by positioning a complete piece.

A manual ceramic cutting machine is necessary to cut the material, with a ruby type diamond punch, or failing this, a manual circular cutting machine with disc to specifically cut ceramics.

If there are any small irregularities on the ground this can be absorbed by using some specific wedges.

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